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Here's why Royals catcher Salvador Perez wears perfume when he's behind the plate

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There are the little superstitions players adhere to because they think it gives them an edge -- eating a certain pregame meal, employing a consistent warm-up regimen, wearing the perfect women's fragrance--wait, what?

Yeah, Royals catcher Salvador Perez recently revealed in an interview with KSHB in Kansas City that he often wears fragrances from Victoria's Secret or Chanel to get on the umpire's good side.

He's also rocking some Red Sox-colored shower shoes at the moment because success in baseball is actually magic. Whatever works, man.

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20 minutes ago
Aw, Salvy. You're adorable.
Overland Park, KS
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In Case You Were Worried About Stubbly White Dudes: Tom Hardy Sought For X-Men‘s En Sabah Nur - Don't do it, Tom! Don't complicate our love!

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Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood. Do you guys know anything about ancient Egypt, or did you just watch an Exodus screener and call it a day?

In addition to being courted for Suicide Squad, the beautiful but very white Tom Hardy is reportedly also the number-one choice to play Egyptian En Sabah Nur in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. Hardy would portray the world’s first mutant, born in Egypt circa 3,000 BC. In the Days of Future Past post-credits scene, En Sabah Nur was played by Canadian actor Brendan Pedder, although in a Collider interview with Simon Kinberg last year, the screenwriter intimated that the role would likely be recast.

This obviously isn’t the first time that Hardy has played a POC in a superhero movie–the British actor previously portrayed one of Batman’s few Latino nemeses, Bane. Sigh. I guess dudes not named Chris have to take what superhero roles they can get?

(via Digital Spy)

Previously in casting

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Quote of the Day

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[Content Note: Class warfare.]

"I want every one of our neighbors to have a job again, a well-paid job, so we don't have to argue about minimum wage for someone working at Burger King. Let's get them a real job."Brad Schimel, Republican candidate for Attorney General in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Or, here's an idea: Let's make fast-food service jobs "real" jobs.

By which I mean: Pay the people who do that work, which is as "real" work as any other work, a livable wage with benefits; allow them to unionize; disallow their employers from letting them work too few hours to qualify for full-time pay and benefits; disallow their employers from shuffling them between franchises so they never work full-time at any one location; respect the work that is done by human beings at these establishments.

There's no reason that someone who works at a fast food restaurant shouldn't be able to make a living doing it. There's no reason that someone shouldn't want to keep working at a fast food job, if they enjoy it aside from the abysmal exploitation.

And there's no reason we should ignore that the people making these arguments about fast food employees are talking about an industry disproportionately staffed by young women of color, many of whom are young mothers who are the sole providers for young children.

I challenge every bootstraps bellowing jackass who tells people who work in fast food to get a real job to instead use their energies and influence to turn fast food jobs into real jobs.

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4 hours ago
Seriously. SOMEONE is going to be working at BK - why not make it a living wage?

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Soundtrack to Be Released on Cassette Tape in November

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As successful as 'Guardians of the Galaxy' was at the box-office (and, as the highest-grossing film of the year, it certainly was that), the film's iconic soundtrack was equally as successful. "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" spent two weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and is currently the 10th largest selling album of 2014. You've been able to buy the digital album, the CD, vinyl and even a "Deluxe Edition," but so far, no actual cassette like the mix tape in the film. But, that's all about to change. Continue reading…
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Introducing: Flickr PARK or BIRD

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park OR bird
Zion National Park Utah by Les Haines Creative Commons License Secretary Bird by Bill Gracey Creative Commons License

tl;dr: Check it out at parkorbird.flickr.com!

We at Flickr are not ones to back down from a challenge. Especially when that challenge comes in webcomic form. And especially when that webcomic is xkcd. So, when we saw this xkcd comicwe thought, “we’ve got to do that”:

Creative Commons License

In fact, we already had the technology in place to do these things.  Like the woman in the comic says, determining whether a photo with GPS info embedded into it was taken in a national park is pretty straightforward. And, the Flickr Vision team has been working for the last year or so to be able to recognize more than 1000 things in imagesusing deep convolutional neural nets. Incidentally, one of the things we’re pretty good at recognizing is birds!

We put those things together, and thus was born parkorbird.flickr.com!

Recognizing Stuff in Images with Deep Networks

The thing we’re really excited to show off with PARK or BIRD is our image recognition technology. To recognize 1000+ things, we employ a deep convolutional neural network similar to the one depicted below.


This model transforms an input image into a representation in which different objects and scenes are easily distinguishable by a simple binary classification algorithm, like an SVM. It does this by passing the image through a series of layers, where each layer computes a function of the output of the layer below it.

Each successive one of these layers, after training on millions of images, has learned to recognize higher- and higher-level features of images and the ways these features go together to form different objects and scenes. For example, the first layer might recognize the most basic image features, such as short straight lines, corners, and small circular arcs. The next layer might recognize higher level combinations of those features, such as circles or other basic shapes. Further layers might recognize higher-level concepts, like eyes and beaks, and even further ones might recognize heads and wings. For an example of what this looks like, check out Figure 2 in this paper by Matt Zeiler and Rob Fergus.

As the image passes through these layers, they are “activated” in different ways depending on the features they’ve seen in the input image, and at the top of this network—after the image is transformed by the bottom layer, and that transformation of the image is transformed by the next layer, and that transformation of the transformation of the image is transformed by the next layer, and so on— a short floating-point vector summarizing all of the various activations at each layer is output. We pass this floating-point vector into more than 1000 binary classifiers, each of which is trained to give us a yes/no answer to identify a specific object/scene class. And, of course, one of those classes is birds!

The Flickr Vision team is already applying this deep network to Flickr photos to help people more more easily find what they’re looking for via Flickr search, and we plan to integrate it into Flickr in other cool ways in the future. We’re also working on other innovative computer vision and image recognition technologies that will make it easier for Flickr members to find and organize their photos.


The Flickr Vision and Search team is awesome and PARK or BIRD is built build upon technologies that we all pitched in on. Here we all are(at least most of us), in all our beautiful glory. Thanks Vision/Search! Thanks also to Stephen Woods, Bart Thomee, John Ko, and Sean Perkins, all of whom provided a lot of help getting PARK or BIRD off the ground.

Flickr flamily floto

If this all sounds like a challenge you’re interested in helping out with, you should join us! Flickr is hiring engineers, designers and product managers in our San Francisco office. Find out more at flickr.com/jobs.

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Gmail 5.0 Will Add 3rd Party Email Support, Including Yahoo and Outlook

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When Google pushes out Gmail 5.0, an update that will for sure include a full Material Design makeover, another accompanying feature may end up being the star of the show for many. How would you like to access your third party email accounts through the Gmail app? According to the Gmail 5.0 app that we just poked around inside, the app is going to support Yahoo, Outlook and “more” email services very soon. 

The new Gmail 5.0 app surfaced through the Nexus 4 ROM we referenced in a post earlier this morning about Google Play Music’s upcoming makeover. After opening the app for the first time, you are greeted with a welcome page and video that was first reported by Android Police. That video walks through the all new Gmail design, but finishes by showing off support for Yahoo and Outlook addresses. In other words, you multi-account users who want to use a single app for email will soon have another option.

It’s tough to tell when the update will arrive, but November 3 is a likely choice, since that is Nexus 9 day.

And again, the new Gmail 5.0 is available through that Nexus 4 ROM, it just may not be the most secure app on the planet. You can install it if you’d like, I just won’t recommend doing so.

Gmail 5.0 Will Add 3rd Party Email Support, Including Yahoo and Outlook is a post from: Droid Life

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