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The Best, Funniest, and Most Ridiculous Harry Potter Memes to Come Out of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World

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best Harry Potter memes birthday July 31 J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter turns 34 today, while the Potter fandom is about half as old. We decided that the best way to honor The Boy Who Lived, and the wizarding world in which he lives, is with a best-of list of all the Internet memes the series has inspired—videos, GIFs, crossovers, and mashups.

Now, we’re never going to track down every meme, because they keep popping up with the same frequency as Harry’s Hogwarts letters. But these are our favorites. Some came about from the movies, while others only needed the books for inspiration. Some originated the meme, while others elevated preexisting ones. And should we really be surprised that Severus Snape is at the center of most of them? Nope.

Potter Puppet Pals

We couldn’t make a list of memes without including this! Neil Cicierga’s ridiculous, adorable video won over Potterheads with its handmade puppets, artfully-arranged song (“Ron! Ron! Ron WEASLEY”), and the utter WTFness of the Dark Lord and the Boy Who Lived facing off in puppet form.

Draco/Voldemort Hug

What’s meant to be a chilling moment came out unintentionally hilarious in Deathly Hallows, Part 2. We dare you to watch this video and not giggle. Tom Felton has talked about how European audiences go quiet when Voldemort embraces the scared Draco, and Americans just find the weirdly sexual humor in it. Yep, that’s us.

Harry Potter/Mean Girls

best Harry Potter memes Harry Potter Mean Girls crossover mashup image macros God Hermione you're so stupid screaming Harry

You know you’ve made it when your series gets crossed with something completely unrelated, such as when some users decided to put Regina George and Cady Heron’s words in Hogwarts students’ mouths. This image also ties into one of my other favorite memes, where Harry is a whiny little bitch. Bless Daniel Radcliffe’s heart, but he got really worked up sometimes.

The mashup has also yielded nuggets of brilliance like this:

best Harry Potter memes Harry Potter Mean Girls crossover mashup


Calm Dumbledore

best Harry Potter memes calm Dumbledore Goblet of Fire book vs movie

This is one of the running jokes I’ve seen crop up in the Potter fandom over the years, whether on LiveJournal or Tumblr. In Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore clearly—and calmly—asks Harry if he put his name in the running for the Triwizard Tournament. But the movie version is so much more dramatic:

best Harry Potter memes calm Dumbledore Goblet of Fire GIF

It’s a small sticking point, but one that fans have yet to let go of.

That Snape GIF (You Know the One)

best Harry Potter memes Snape my body is ready GIF draw me like one of your French girls

What is it about this GIF that lends itself so well to the “my body is ready” meme? Some combo of Snape’s flowing hair, bizarre arch, and Alan Rickman’s facial expression. No surprise, the same GIF makes for a great entry into the “draw me like one of your French girls” meme.

“Naughty Boy”

Sometimes Often fandom is really cracked out. That’s when you get classic jokes like this slashy music video set to Gunther’s randy single “Naughty Boy.” The first time I saw this, circa 2006 (also the early days of YouTube!), I laughed so hard I cried. It still makes me giggle. Potentially NSFW for the lyrics.

Harry Potter/Game of Thrones

best Harry Potter memes Game of Thrones mashup

This mashup is more recent, but oh-so-fitting. We can always appreciate a good owl post joke. The meme can also go the meta route, like so:

best Harry Potter memes July 31 Harry birthday J.K. Rowling George R.R. Martin you're cute Game of Thrones kill characters

Of course, the “you’re adorable” punchline is a meme unto itself.

Snapes on a Plane

best Harry Potter memes Snapes on a Plane

Snicker. Still such a simple and effective pun.

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Chris Pratt Stole His Guardians Costume to Visit Sick Kids, Continues to Be the Best - In case you were wondering how the race for "best human" was shaping up.



How’s this for a legendary outlaw: Chris Pratt took his Star-Lord costume from the Guardians of the Galaxy set to make sure he’s all prepared for when the movie is a huge success and he can use it to delight sick children in hospitals. It’s not just kids who deserve Pratt’s charming presence, either—he’s happy to grace your slash fic with an appearance, too.

Pratt told Panzer TV the story:

Luckily, the only man who could solve the case of the disappearing costume is probably FBI agent Burt Macklin, and we were mysteriously unable to reach him for comment, so Pratt should be all clear to delight some children.

But he wants everyone to have fun with his Guardians of the Galaxy persona, even if those people aren’t exactly children. He also had a pretty great response to the idea of starring in some slash fic—and probably your dreams. (The volume on this one is pretty low, FYI.)

So there you have it. Pratt has made a commitment to delight moviegoers of all ages both on and off the screen, because he is the absolute nicest guy. I’d say I want him to be my best friend, but I don’t think he has time in his busy schedule of being a perfect human being.

(via Pajiba)

Previously in Chris Pratt being wonderful

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It's time to put a woman on the $20

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President Obama noted today that there are currently no women represented on United States currency.

This really does seem like something that we ought to fix. Historically the big problem is that when women have been honored on American currency, it's come in the form of dollar coins. There was the Susan B Anthony dollar and then more recently the Sacagawea dollar. Both have been discontinued, and no dollar coin is going to be popular as long as paper dollar bills remain in circulation.

Rather than trying to pry paper dollars out of the American people's cold, dead hands, a better idea would be to take Andrew Jackson off the $20, as Jillian Keenan argued a few months back. Many presidents oversaw mistreatment of American Indians, but Jackson's policies in this regard were especially egregious. He was also a proponent of slavery, and his crank monetary policies — including an opposition to paper money — make him almost uniquely unsuited for a role on currency.

We could replace him with Sacagawea or Anthony, but there are lots of other strong choices out there. Popular suggestions from the Vox staff included Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Ida Wells, and I'm sure if the US Congress put its collective minds together they could come up with more great options.

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Hell yeah.
15 hours ago
Indeed. Jackson... was not someone to be honored.
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1 day ago
I think this is a great idea.

What We Know About The Comic-Con Cosplay Assault, And How To Help

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By now most members of the Comic-Con and cosplay community are likely aware that early Sunday morning a female cosplayer was found unconscious at the 333 West Harbor Drive Marriott Marquis and Marina hotel with skull and eye socket fractures, cerebral hemorrhaging, and numerous other injuries. It was the girl’s first visit to Con, and her seventeenth birthday.

Following the attack, concerned members of the cosplay community took to social media to urge SDCC attendees who might have any details on what happened to come forward (if you haven’t seen images of the girl’s Roger Rabbit cosplay that have been shared by concerned Tumblr and Twitter users, NBC San Diego has pictures that also maintain the underage victim’s anonymity). Despite Reddit comments yesterday stating that the Harbor Police were “investigating the possibility that this is a hoax,” Comic Book Resources reported that the Police have released the following statement:

Harbor Police arrested a 29-year-old man early Sunday morning, July 27th in a hotel at 333 West Harbor Drive. He was booked into San Diego County Jail at 11:20 am on charges of sexual contact with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of minor. The victim, a juvenile female, was transported to a hospital for evaluation and treatment. The Harbor Police Investigations Unit is handling the incident. This investigation is ongoing.

The man in question is 29-year old Justin Kalior. Kalior runs the Youtube and Facebook page Project Cosplay and spoke to Polygon about the incident, saying that he is friends with the girl and agreed to drive her to SDCC, and that he spent the day taking pictures of attendees. Kalior denied giving his traveling companion alcohol or having sex with her, saying the two got into an argument around midnight in the Marriott’s lobby:

I just wanted to call it a night and take her home to her parents and be on my way [...] She ran off and I didn’t follow. She didn’t answer the phone. She was gone for so long I asked security if they had seen her.

According to Kalior’s conversation with Polygon, he was with security an hour later when the girl was discovered unconscious and bloodied in the pool area of the hotel. When police arrived they “searched her purse” and “it [her I.D.] stated she was 17,” says Kalior, who claims he believed she was 20.The victim was taken to the ICU and Kalior was arrested at the scene but later released on bond. Aside from speaking with Polygon, Kalior has also made statements on his Project Cosplay Facebook, writing yesterday morning that he wouldn’t be posting shots from SDCC because a “close friend” was “assaulted and left in critical condition at the convention.”

This has been a few very hard days for me [...] I wasn’t there for her when this happened and I regret every second. I just hope that she pulls through this with a safe and fast recovery, please pray for her.

NBC San Diego reports that police say “there may be other suspects.”

The victim’s mother has also been posting updates using Facebook, saying that Tuesday was “A better day … each day she is getting better … very grateful.” Polygon also reached out to the girl’s mother, who declined to comment on the situation specifically, but “she did want to talk in the future about the support the cosplayer community gave her family.”

NBC San Diego quoted the girl’s mother as saying,

It’s just so sad, that on her birthday she had one of the most horrific things happen to her.

Somebody knows something and they’re just not saying it. I just want them to come forward.

Be brave [...] I’m just hoping we can find who did this and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else because no one else should have to go through this.

According to NBC, Harbor Police would like to talk with anyone who saw the teen or Kalior at the Mariott between 11 p.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday. We spoke to a Harbor Police Sergeant who asks that anyone with information reach out by e-mailing <a href="mailto:sdhpiwatch@portofsandiego.org">sdhpiwatch@portofsandiego.org</a>.

Along with the cosplay community’s support and gratitude for the victim’s evident progress (NBC reports that she’s regained consciousness after suffering several brain bleeds, but that her “memory is fuzzy about what happened” and recovery will be a long process), it’s clear from SDCC’s Reddit post on the attack that many feel the assault is a heartbreaking example of the wide-scale harassment found at cons. Last week we wrote about a survey conducted on cons by former Mary Sue writer Janelle Asselin. Asselin’s findings are particularly, heartbreakingly relevant here:

Thirteen percent [of all respondents] reported having unwanted comments of a sexual nature made about them at conventions—and eight percent of people of all genders reported they had been groped, assaulted, or raped at a comic convention.

Our thoughts go out to the girl, her family, and everyone in the community impacted by this and similar incidents.

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It’s Harry Potter’s Birthday — Let’s Celebrate With Fan Art!

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Harry Potter, palnk, seven years

One of my favorite aspects of fandom has always been fan art. And since it’s Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowling’s) birthday, it seemed the perfect occasion to flood the gates with gorgeous/moving/hilarious Potter fan art, like you see above. That piece, detailing all seven of Harry’s years is by DeviantArt user palnk.

More treats below!

Acciobrain’s website is no longer functioning, but she made some of the most amazing HP fan art the internet had seen. Nearly everyone from the books had a few sketches, but of particular note were brain’s depictions of the Weasleys and especially the long-suffering Malfoy family. Here they are, directly after Voldemort’s first defeat, trying to blend in again. (Hush, Draco):

Harry Potter, Acciobrain, the Malfoys

tina-lynn makes the most adorable Marauders on the web. Who knows what they’re spying on here, but the expressions tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the quartet’s personailities in one image:

Harry Potter, Marauders, tina-lynn

There are so many great pictures and sketches in burdge’s DA gallery, but this one is beautifully detailed and comes directly from a scene in Order of the Phoenix. Harry’s had enough to deal with this year:

Harry Potter, Harry and Dumbledore, burdge

The trio as they might look from the mind of Tim Burton. There was just no way I could omit this gem from Hillary-CW:

Harry Potter, Harry Ron Hermione, Tim Burton, Hillary-CW

Weasleys! All of them, the whole precious brood. Charlie, honey, you need to focus up. Also, the signatures on the photo are a great touch (with Ron’s and Ginny’s clearly done by Molly, as they’re too young to write. This portrait comes from Loleia:

Harry Potter, the Weasley family, Loleia

You gotta figure, with the way that first kiss went, Ginny probably flings herself at Harry a lot. IzziBelle righly assumes that he’d get used to it. I’m getting a sugar rush just looking at this picture:

Harry Potter, Harry and Ginny, IzziBelle

Slug Club! Here is poor Neville, trying his best to deal with Slughorn’s impossible demands. TwiggyMcBones has a real eye-catching style, with other works featuring Hermione and Ron taking their kids shopping for school supplies, and Draco making the most Draco face you ever saw:

Harry Potter, Slughorn and Neville, TwiggyMcBones

A personal favorite of mine, depicting the Marauders in their element, with Sirius giving James hell as BFFs are wont to do. viria13 so effortlessly captures this crew before their lives get torn apart. And don’t forget to check out this fantastic rendering of a night up creating the Marauder’s Map:

Harry Potter, the Marauders, viria13

And the horrific life of a professor, forced to be a Guidance Counselor for the future of wizard-kind. This must be exactly what went down in Snape’s office. So much thanks to forbis for giving us this glimpse into the daily life of the Head of Slytherin House:

Harry Potter, Snape, Draco, forbis

Amazing book illustration from glockgal. Look at Lockhart’s enraptured face! Look at it:

Harry Potter, glockgal, chamber of secrets

And for some heartbreaking, we’ve got this snapshot from RLKarnes. Ginny is presumably pregnant with James at this point:

Harry Potter, Hermione and Ginny, RLKarnes

The trio on the run, Hermione erasing the memories of their attackers in Deathly Hallows. Beautifully intricate piece by comfortablylaura:

Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows, trio, comfortablylaura

You know what can ruin your romantic moments? Having a best friend who can turn into a dog. Sirius! Thank batcii for this moment of greatness. Personal headcanon right here:

Harry Potter, batcii, James and Lily and Sirius the dog

There is a wonderful dearth of “next generation” fan art, depicting the kids and their parents, and all these wonderful new families that have been formed. This comic by anxiouspineapples proves that Harry will be the best dad to all three of his delightful children:

Harry Potter, anxiouspineapples, harry and kids

And there is so. much. more. out there. An indescribable amount. I couldn’t even fit all of the favorite artists I have, this post would have gone on for miles. In fact, when I need cheering, I usually go looking for new Harry Potter fan art. The community is that talented and that much fun.

Happy birthday, Harry! People love you so much, they will be putting your likeness on the internet for years to come.

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CFPB Report: Typical Overdraft Situation Is Comparable To Small-Dollar Loan With 17,000% Interest Rate

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If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of consumers who use a debit card you’ve likely found yourself on the receiving end of an overdraft fee when your account balance just wasn’t quite enough to make a desired purchase. While consumers might not necessarily question the occasional overdraft fee, a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau puts the fees into a disconcerting perspective.

According to the report [PDF], a majority of the $32 billion in annual debit card overdraft fees are incurred for transactions of $24 or less, and the majority of those overdrafts are repaid in three days.

That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Wrong. The CFPB did the math and if a consumer borrowed $24 for three days and paid the average overdraft fee of $34, that would mean their “loan” comes with an interest rate of 17,000%.

That seems outrageous. But we’re not done. Consider the fact that consumers are twice as likely to use their debit cards as their credit cards and that the average debit card holder uses their card 17 times each month, giving ample opportunity to run up those overdraft fees.


In fact, the report found that more than half of consumer checking account income is from overdraft fees – often the costliest of all banking fees. That’s a problem the CFPB is looking to tackle as it works on creating necessary consumer protections for overdraft and related services.

“Overdraft fees should not be ‘gotchas’ when people use their debit cards,” CFPB director Richard Cordray says. “We need to determine whether current overdraft practices are causing the kind of consumer harm that the federal consumer protection laws are designed to prevent.”

The CFPB study examined nearly two million consumer checking accounts and found that approximately 14% opted for overdraft protection.

On average, those customers paid about $260 a year in overdraft and non-sufficient fund fees. That means that a consumer would have at least 10 overdraft occurrences in a 12-month period.

On the other hand, consumers who did not opt-in for the plan paid just $35 in annual fees.


One concern regulators encountered when reviewing the study data was the way in which banks organize transactions. Some banks were found to have maximized overdraft fees by processing transactions not in the order in which they are made, but in a way that results in a larger number of overdrafts.

The practice, often called stacking, has been criticized by a number of consumer groups, including Pew Charitable Trust which has studied the overdraft process extensively.

In a June report on overdrafts, Pew found that reordering only inflates the issue of overdrafting and in the end consumers pay significantly more.

Pew reports that while banks have employed additional policies that can help limit the impact of overdraft fees, including reordering only certain types of transactions, implementing a threshold amount to trigger an overdraft, and not charging an extended overdraft fee, more attention is needed for this often unfair practice.

Just last month, Wells Fargo announced it would put an end to the practice for its checking customers. The bank previously stopped reordering debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals.

While Wells Fargo’s move is a step in the right direction, issues concerning overdraft fees continue to be prevalent, even though some federal regulations were put into place over the last five years.

Not too long ago, consumers were often unaware of overdraft fees until they appeared on their statements. That changed back in 2010 when federal regulators mandated that banks use an “opt-in” requirement. That mean institutions had to obtain consumers’ consent before charging fees for allowing overdrafts on most ATM and debit card transactions.

While the mandates meant that consumers were more aware of their accounted being enrolled with overdraft protection, that doesn’t mean they fully understand the program or realize the amount of fees they’ll actually incur.

Around the same time, some banks updated their policies to allow customers to not be charged if they are only overdrawing their account by a small amount, such as $5. Additionally, some banks began capping the number of overdraft and NSF fees charged on an account on a single day.

Cordray says that today’s report doesn’t mean banks should stop offering overdraft coverage, it just means there needs to be a determination of whether current practices are causing consumers more harm than good and if consumers have a clear understanding of the plans to begin with.

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